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On July 17 of 2000, Sanders' Cookie Jar opened a second location at 13140 Pennsylvania Avenue.
A year later the downtown location was closed.

"We're pretty much a full-line bake shop," he says. And there is seemingly no end to what "full-line" inhabits.
"We sell decorated cakes, anniversary cakes, special occasion cakes, butter rolls, buns, doughnuts, pies, breads
and danishes. Just about anything that you would expect a full-line bakery to carry. And, of course, cookies too."

Bakery items are made on site, from scratch by Perry and his talented teams of bakers and decorators.
Although Perry does not have a favorite, he states their popular items include caramel buns, danishes and
butter rolls, which are especially popular during the holidays.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I place an order?
Call us at (301) 797-0076, or stop in and see us in person. We do not accept orders via email or fax.

How far in advance do I need to place an order?
You must place your order 24 hours in advance, though if your order is for the weekend we recommend at least 4 days as sometimes
we receive more than we can handle.

Can I place a large order?
Yes, we do not have a limit as to how large an order can be, though we require plenty of time (a couple of weeks in some cases)
to work out the details.

Do you ship your products?
Not right now, but that doesn't mean we never will.

Do you do custom cakes?
Yes. You may want to come in and look at our cake books, or even speak with a clerk or decorator to see what they can and cannot do. Due to copyright laws we are
unable to reproduce any material that is trademarked, copyrighted, or rights reserved.

Do you do wedding cakes?
We do not do traditional wedding cakes, though if you give us a call, we will recommend a local decorator that can fulfill your needs.

I have an allergy to nuts. Is there anything I can get that doesn't have nuts in it?
There are many things you can get without nuts, but we must advise you that everything we make is made in the same work area as products that have nuts in them.
Though we try our best to be careful, the kitchen workspace is small and we can't guarantee that any one product has not had contact with a nut product.

How long will your products keep?
Because we don't use any preservatives, we recommend that any goodies be stored properly to maintain freshness. All products other than those that contain pastry
cream or whipped cream can be left at room temperature for easy consumption for two days as long as they are stored in airtight containers or under cake domes.
After that, they should be kept under refrigeration if they are to be eaten over the next few days or in the freezer where they can be stored for several weeks in ziplock
bags. Most pastries can be heated gently in the microwave for an extra special just-out-of-the-oven treat!

Do you have gift certificates?
Yes, for any amount or product value you need.

How do I pay for my order?
We accept cash, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.
About Our Bakery
Since childhood, Perry Sanders has had a hand in the Cookie Jar, so to speak.
A third generation bakers grandfather, Preston owned a bakery in Aberdeen, Maryland,
and his father, Don, the patriarch of Sanders' Cookie Jar, one of Hagerstown's premier bakeries,
started this successful business downtown at 20 East Washington Street in 1965.

Perry had always been interested in baking, and although taking a leave of absence from this life for nearly three
years, he found that he could not stay away for long. "It got into my blood," he says. In 1984, he decided to get back
into the business. He would work alongside his father for nearly ten years at the shop downtown. His father, however,
suffering from cancer, had expressed interest in selling the Cookie Jar, and so, on November 15, 1994, Perry
purchased the business himself. He celebrates his thirtieth
-year anniversary as owner of the bakery in 2024.
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