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Stollens are a German holiday tradition. In a German home, it just wouldn't be Christmas without a festive stollen,
rich in eggs and butter and laden with fruit and nuts. The tradition has carried over to the New World, where
Americans of German heritage continue to bake stollen. The traditional shape of stollen -- tapered at each end with
a ridge down the center -- represents the Christ Child wrapped in swaddling clothes.

There are probably as many recipes for stollen as there are home bakers, but the original is said to have been
created in Dresden around 1400.

Here, at Sanders' Cookie Jar Bakery, our stollens start out as
intertwined sweet pastry dough, with candied fruit, raisins, coconut,  
brown sugar, cinnamon, and pecans baked inside, then drizzled
with white bakery icing and topped off with more candied fruit.